You chose to be a stay-at-home mom because you wanted to devote as much time as possible to bonding with your children. You love being home with your child, but that does not mean you don't deserve a break on a regular basis.

Raising your children can be exhausting work, and it's not the type of work that you can clock out of at 5 p.m. every day. You always have more stories to read and more piles of laundry to sort. Hiring an at-home sitter to watch your children is an ideal solution for the following reasons.

1. At-Home Child Care Gives You Time for Self-Care

As a stay at home mom, it is way too easy to let your own needs fall by the wayside while you tend to your children, husband and home. However, it's important that you take great care of yourself as well. When you feel happy, relaxed and balanced in life, you are able to be an even more effective parent and partner. 

By hiring a sitter on a regular basis, you give yourself time for self-care. This may mean getting back into that weekly yoga class you used to love, taking a well-deserved nap or bubble bath, practicing meditation or catching up with girlfriends you've been too busy to see. You will feel refreshed and recharged, which will benefit everyone in your life.

2. At-Home Child Care Benefits Your Children

An at-home sitter brings a new perspective, set of knowledge and personality into your children's lives — broadening their worldview. Interacting with a sitter will also help them learn to listen to adults who aren't their mom and dad, which will really help them when they start school.

Spending time with a sitter on a regular basis can help prevent your children from being too clingy or having separation anxiety because they will learn that it's normal for other trusted adults to be around. Your children will become more independent and may even learn specific skills, such as a sport or foreign language, from your sitter.

3. At-Home Child Care is Flexible

Instead of sitting in traffic and taking your children to a crowded day care center, your sitter will come to you. You can stay home and catch up on housework, practice self-care or start a new book. You also have the option of leaving your home whenever you like to run errands, get a pedicure or meet your friends for an adults-only brunch.

You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your children are comfortable in a familiar environment and playing with their nice new sitter. How you take advantage of at-home child care is totally up to you, and you can change it up each week if you feel like it. 

4. At-Home Child Care Lets You Pursue Your Goals

Just because you love being a mom doesn't mean you don't still have your own goals and passions you'd like to pursue. With regular child care, you will have the time and freedom to pursue your goals without sacrificing being a stay-at-home mom.

You can start that home-based business you've been thinking about, enroll in online classes to finish your degree or learn a new foreign language. By making the most of your sitter time, you will regain that feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction that comes from reaching your goals.

At Anytime Sitters, we conduct background checks on all of our sitters and offer last-minute at-home child care for those days when you just really need a break. Contact us today to learn more about our sitters and nannies.