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Childcare Services in San Antonio, Texas

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What We Do

We’re happy to offer services related to and including babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, group sitting and event sitting. Our job minimum is three hours Monday through Thursday, four hours Friday through Sunday and five hours during holidays. We’ll keep those special days extra special for you by taking care of things at home.

Basic Rates and Accommodations

Our annual Membership fee for parents is $50, which includes background checks for all adults over 18 living in the home, and helps us train our sitters to create memorable and fun experiences for your little ones. Our basic rate is $12 per hour for a family of one child. Additional children within the immediate family are an extra $1 per hour each. If they have friends over, each of those children outside the family is an additional $3 per hour. Our small travel fee is a bargain — $6 for most areas inside San Antonio and $10 outside of the area (anything  2 miles outside of 1604 for example). Should Suzy or Danny need to go to soccer practice, or be picked up from school, a charge of $5 will apply, and anything over 10 miles will be charged at $0.54 cents a mile.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Sometimes things come up and plans change. No need to worry — we’ve got that covered. If you choose to schedule us within 24 hours of our services, it’s going to be an additional $20, and if you do need to cancel, we’ll need notice submitted at least 24 hours in advance. The cancellation fee will include the minimum rate for the day. Confirmation calls will take place 24 hours before the sitter arrives to ensure the date is still good. Should you cancel over 24 hours in advance, no cancellation fee will apply. 

Extra Measures for Special Circumstances

Got an unusual situation? We can accommodate. Sick children are an extra $3 per hour to take care of, but we’ll make sure they’re snug and comfortable for the whole of it. Want a date night on the river? We can take care of your little ones in your hotel suite while you enjoy San Antonio's night life. Hotel child sitting services will be an extra $5 per hour.
We cover holidays for an additional $5 per hour with a five-hour minimum. Our holidays include New Year’s Eve and Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. We don’t offer services on either Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.

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