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Commonly Asked Childcare Questions and Answers

1. Do I have to become a member to book a sitter online?

A. Yes. We require memberships for parents. You can always call us to find out more details and start registering today. 

2. Can you pet sit Pancho, my pet Parrot?

A. All exotic pets will be taken on a case by case basis. We want to ensure the safety of all involved, including your feathered friends, so we’ll need to gather a little more information about them.

3. Does the $10 outside travel fee apply to Alamo Heights/Castle Hills/Shavano Park?

A. No, those municipalities are inside 1604, and will only incur a $6 travel fee.

4. What’s included in the background check for my sitter?

A. This will include a criminal background check, as well as a sex offender check.

5. Can you care for an infant?

A. Yes, they must be at least 6 weeks old, and all bottles must be prepared in advance.

6. If my child’s friends are hanging out at home with them, do I have to pay for them as well?

A. Yes, if the children aren’t immediate family, it will be an additional $3 per hour.